Humanitarian Principles

Structure of the URA

Humanity – Allicance – Help

Humanitarian Principles

Structure of the URA

Humanity – Allicance – Help

Humanitarian Principles

Structure of the URA

Humanity – Allicance – Help

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Flood Disaster in Switzerland

The flood disaster in Switzerland has had devastating effects on many communities in the country.

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Current Developments in the Ukraine War

The Ukraine war remains one of the most pressing international crises with far-reaching impacts on the geopolitical landscape.

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The Importance of Global Humanitarian Aid

Global humanitarian aid by relief organizations is crucial for alleviating the suffering of the most vulnerable people.

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Our projects

  • We help people in need worldwide.
  • We expand disaster protection globally.
  • We raise awareness globally and through various media about the crises in affected areas.


Humanitarian Disaster Relief

One of our particular strengths is civil disaster protection in the humanitarian sector.

In today’s world it is easy to get the impression that one catastrophe follows the next. You have to differentiate between individual events (natural disasters, refugee disasters , pandemics, famine, etc.) and take the appropriate measures as quickly as possible to mitigate and, among other things, stop human suffering, if this is possible.

In the crisis regions of the world, we are committed with heart and soul to combat suffering with all the means at our disposal. We hope that the world will become a little more peaceful and communal through our work.

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Development Assistance

Our development aid non-governmental organization (NGO)

Works to improve the living conditions of people in developing countries and achieve sustainable development goals. Our activities usually include: Needs Assessment and Planning: Our NGO conducts research and analysis to understand the needs and priorities of communities in developing countries. Based on these findings, she develops support programs and projects.

Community Work and Empowerment: Our NGO works closely with local communities to strengthen their knowledge, skills and resources. It promotes community participation in decision-making processes and encourages personal responsibility and self-help.

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Computers, tablets, smartphones and other electrical devices can be donated to us.

Medical Equipment

Any type of medical equipment is a valuable donation for us.

Vehicles of all Kinds

Whether trucks, cars or buses, we gratefully accept any vehicle donation.


Whether beds, cupboards, tables or chairs, every furniture donation is welcome.


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